Sunday, 6 March 2011

St Andrew's Adventures

This weekend I had another great weekend exploring some new areas of the UK.  On Friday Christine and Betsey came in to the city to meet me after my photo class, where I successfully developed 5 more black and white photos:) We headed to the Peoples Palace, a museum we hadn't seen yet but had received great reviews.  It was wonderful! The museum is a complete history of Glasgow, with a set up of what a tenement would have looked like in the 1930s and information and displays from each decade.  After looking through the museum we headed to the cafe, which was in a giant garden! It was so peaceful in there, and we each got ice cream and promised to come back there to study and hang out. It was a great find and wasn't too far from our house.

Saturday morning I woke up early and decided to go on an adventure and head to St Andrews on my own.  After a 2 hour bus ride through beautiful rolling hills and sheep, we arrived in the center of St Andrews.  I explored the area to the fullest, checking out the University, the museum of the University of St Andrews, the beach, the castle, the cathedral, the botanic gardens and of course, the golfing.  It was a beautiful city and really nice to be on the coast again, made me feel like home! I will be going back to St Andrew's for a longer visit soon, either with my friends or if Stephen is able to come over for Easter break.  I checked out all the museums and which ones would be good to go in .  After my day of exploring I got back on the bus to write some postcards and get back in time to celebrate my friend Ian's birthday on Saturday night.  Then this morning, I went for a run and then to the library, because I have a paper due next week, and am going away again this weekend to Loch Ness with my BC advisor, Rhona,  and the two boys from BC here with me.  It should be a great weekend, with a ferry tour of the lake (questing to find Nessy the monster of course), a walking tour of the city and a brewery tour while we are there.  So now back to the paper for me so I can finish it before the trip. But first, here are some pictures from St Andrews!

the beach:)

the Castle ruins on the coast

Golfing at St Andrews!

The cathedral yard

Part of the University

The botanic garden where I had a picnic lunch

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