Friday, 14 January 2011

Freshers Week

So its friday, and i'm currently waiting for my sleepyhead new friends to finally wake up so that we can head into City Center to do a little shopping and some more exploring and figuring out our way around.  Then we will be having a pretty laid back night tonight since we have to wake up early to go on our first International Society day trip to a near by town, Stirling, and see the castle there, take a whiskey tour and just enjoy a different city.  The tickets sold out before some of our friends could get them, but there are about 6 of us going together so it should be really fun!

Tuesday I didn't have class, but still had to get up early to go get my student ID.  Since we were on campus anyway, my friend Karin and I who have Scottish Literature together explored the library and found some of the books we are going to need for that class.  Then we met up with Sam and Ian and went to join the two Unions and check out the activities fair. There weren't too many clubs there, but a few of the girls and I are going to check out one of the dance clubs on Monday to see if it would something fun, and different from what we do at home, and a good way to meet some other girls from Glasgow.  Tuesday night we went to one of the unions for a pub night/dance.  This week is called "Freshers week" which means the Unions host events every night open to everyone, to try to get people to join the Union.  We all went around 9 and sat upstairs chatting and playing pool.  We were going leave at 12 since we were getting tired, but on our way out saw the dance floor, which looked like too much fun to pass up.  So we dancing to the music they listen to here, which is a lot of pop and oldies, so it is really fun to dance to! We all walked home together and were tucked into bed a little later than planned, but it was worth it.

Wednesday I had two classes, my second Scottish Literature class where we learned about the language "Scots" and then my Exploring Scottish Culture Class, which seems like its going to be awesome because I love the professor already.  After class, I invited some of our friends from orientation over for dinner.  Two of my roommates, Ani and Kristin, joined us to eat and it ended up being about 18 people. Betsey and Nicole cooked pasta in their house and brought it over, so Sam and Ian helped me cook a little more pasta and chicken with mushrooms, onions and peppers for our friends who are allergic to gluten.  It was anything fancy, but it was great to be able to have everyone over.  Most people left at around 8 30, but the girls who lived closer stayed and hung out with me, Ani and Kristin until it was time to go to bed.

Yesterday I didn't have class since my bagpiping class starts next week, so I woke up at 9 and went to the gym instead.  Its a pretty nice gym, and Kristin and Betsey also love doing classes like me, so I think we are starting next week to do some kickboxing and yoga classes together.  After the gym I met up with Sam and we practiced walking to where our photography and bagpipe classes will be next week.  Its about a 30 minute walk, but we both agreed since its in the heart of city center on thursdays we would head in a little early to hang out in the city before class anyway.  We explored and did some shopping, and found some very inexpensive football (soccer) jerseys of teams here, so if anyone wants to put in a request let me know!  Then we met up with the others and bought our tickets for the day trip saturday.  We came back to my house and had left over pasta for dinner while getting ready to go out.  We went to the Hive, another Freshers week activity, which was really fun.  It started off as another traditional Scottish dance, which end up being very silly since no one knows what they are doing.  Then we met up with the rest of our friends who arrived a little late and headed down the "the Hive" which is a dance club type place in the Union.  It was very empty at first but our little group of 20 had fun dancing with ourselves.  Apparently Scottish people are a very late night group because it didn't really get crowded until 12.  I had a ton of fun, but by the end it got a little too crowded to be comfortable and people were getting stepped on so we decided to head out.  We walked home, went to bed, and luckily got to sleep in a little bit today.

But my friends just called, so we are heading in to do some exploring.  Hopefully this weekend is fun, and I will tell you all about our trip to Stirling later this week!

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